School Year

quoteI try to continuously tell myself that once this year is over, it will be so worth it. That the hardest part will be over, and I can finally take a breath and relax. But until I reach that point, I’m a ball of stress that just keeps growing. Maybe I took on too much this year, maybe I’m in over my head. But now is not the time to try and fix that, so I guess all I can do is embrace it….

This is how I’ve been feeling for the past couple months, not really sure how I will be able to get everything done by their due dates, and still have something similar to a life. But it’s a race to the finish line that I intend on winning.

As this term is coming to an end, and dare I say it, the year, I can’t help but think about what this school has taught me. People have continuously told me that these years would be the best of my life, and I can’t help but reply with the fact that they are also the most challenging, tiring, and probably the most stressful. But I must admit, I have learned quite a bit about myself. I’ve learned that I don’t crumble under pressure, I do whatever I can do get the work done – even if it means I’ll be up all night to finish it. I’ve learned how to become a strong independent woman, not needing to rely on my parents; but have learned to accept help when I know I need it, making sure my pride doesn’t get the best of me. I’ve learned how to cherish my friends, although I may be WAY too busy to get in touch with them all the time, I know they’re there and I will never forget it. I’ve learned how to love, which may sound silly, but I’d be incomplete without my favourite man in the world.

So while I sit here, and complain about another due date, or another midterm, I remember, that as this year slowly comes to a close, I have to appreciate my years in university because they helped shape who I am today.



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