Let’s try something different

Good afternoon wonderful friends, occasional readers and followers! I'm trying something different today and asking you guys what kind of posts you'd like to see from this blog, I have some ideas of what I want to put out here, but am always willing to hear your opinions!! x0x0


My Favourite Beauty Products of 2014

I'm going to split this into categories or else this is going to be way too overwhelming for you guys because I'm going to be honest, I have a lot of favourites that I found this year, or rediscovered, or just have loved for a really long time. All of these products I continue to …

Two Thousand and Fourteen

Knowing that 2014 is now officially over is slightly mind-blowing. So much has happened to me this past year, both good and bad that have forever changed me and the person I continue to grow into. I have dealt with death this past year, but at the same time have had so much love thrown …