Two Thousand and Fourteen

My best friend
Knowing that 2014 is now officially over is slightly mind-blowing. So much has happened to me this past year, both good and bad that have forever changed me and the person I continue to grow into. I have dealt with death this past year, but at the same time have had so much love thrown at me from my boyfriend, friends, and family that I cherish so deeply. I have learned so much about myself, and continue to value the support of my loved ones into 2015 – and know that this year will only push me further and I will continue to be challenged in the best way possible. Even this blog has undergone some changes throughout the year with collaborations ending and school having made blogging a bit more challenging. But, I do appreciate the support my readers have given me this past year in what I do and hope you stick around for what is to come.

So thank you to everyone, and can’t wait for you to join me through 2015 on the roller coaster I call life.
And here are a few pictures that stood out to me in 2014!  Casual Cardigan5 IMG_0051

print on print 20140525_141416 DSC_0033 braided updo starbucks ottawa gray skirt1 DSC_0063 kimono love4 DSC_0071 thanksgiving recap3


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