My Favourite Beauty Products of 2014

beauty favourites 2014I’m going to split this into categories or else this is going to be way too overwhelming for you guys because I’m going to be honest, I have a lot of favourites that I found this year, or rediscovered, or just have loved for a really long time. All of these products I continue to use over and over, and will probably continue to purchase in the years to come!

Beauty favourites 2014I’m going to start with foundations/concealers/primer. My favourites have to be the Tarte Amazonian Airbrush foundation, L’Oreal True Match and MAC’s Prolong Wear Foundation. I use them all for different things and these two have already been mentioned previously. But I use MAC if I’m going out at night or will just have my makeup on for a really long period of time – it lasts forever. For concealers I absolutely love my MAC studio fix concealer for any blemishes or redness I have, it stays on all day, and my NARS creamy concealer which is just great under my eyes to cover those wonderful dark circles without creasing. My favourite primer is The Body Shop’s instablur, it is very similar to the Benefit porefessional but is half the price!

Beauty favourites 2014Getting into the eyes, my favourite palettes this year were the Lorac Pro 1, and the Naked Basics 1. Both have been essential, and I use them almost everyday with basically any look I do, for day or night. My Wet n’ Wild liquid eyeliner in black (the original formula) is also a must pretty much everyday, and I’ve been told that even Lady Gaga wears it – so it’s basically gold in my books – and which I of course have currently misplaced.

Beauty Favourites 2014Moving onto bronzer, I use the Honey bronzer from The Body Shop, in 02. It is great during the colder months as I do get much paler and don’t self tan. It doesn’t look too orange, is matte, and doesn’t look muddy which are basically the only things I look for in a bronzer. I also found a great highlight from the drugstore, Hard Candy Tiki Bronzer – don’t let the name fool you, it is a great highlight and is ridiculously affordable, which is a total bonus.

Beauty favourites 2014Lipsticks, need I say more? I’m obsessed with so many different lipsticks, but there were a couple that I gravitated towards the most, and surprise surprise, most of them are MAC. So, MAC Plumful, MAC Brave and MAC Blankety and MAC Please Me. They are always being carried around by me, no matter what makeup I have going on they are my go-to’s. Along with those, I have been loving my NARS Audacious lipstick in Bette that I was gifted. It is such a beautiful deep and dark red that I have been loving during these colder months. Another great find are the Urban Decay Naked glosses, I got one in my Naked on the Run palette and I have been pairing it with every lippy, it’s super moisturizing and I usually don’t like lip glosses but this one is a keeper.

*not mentioned are blushes, mascara or brushes because I have yet to find some absolute favourites in those categories, sorry guys!




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