What’s in my Gym Bag – Beginner’s Edition

what's in my gym bag?I recently got a gym membership and have been pretty dedicated to just get into shape. I can honestly say that a month ago I was what many claim as “skinny fat”, now I’m not saying a miracle has taken place and I am completely toned up and looking like a completely different person, but I have been noticing some small changes over the course of this month and I have become so proud. Now, as I mentioned, I’m definitely a beginner when talking about the area of fitness, but I’ve been hitting the gym close to five times a week, so I feel like I have a good idea of what is needed in a gym bag for all you ladies! So here goes nothing…

1. To start off, a great gym bag is a great first step. Now, don’t be worried about spending a little more on it because I would definitely consider it an investment. This bag is a great option, but if you’re more into backpacks, this is also an awesome alternative.
2. Running shoes are definitely another area that you may want to invest a little more money on, you will be wearing them every time you hit the gym and they keep you comfortable and safe. I personally opt for Nike, but Addidas, New Balance and Reebok are all good options as well. Getting a fun colour is also a great idea, because you will WANT to go to the gym and pull out something that will put a smile on your face
3. Gym clothes are definitely important, I usually run to the gym before or after work, so I always have a change of clothes for the gym in my bag. This usually consists of a pair of tights, tanks, workout bra, and socks
4. A water bottle is another necessity for me, I feel like I go through so many water bottles; I make sure that I have a reusable one in order to keep the environment safe on my own personal level, and in a fun colour to help make sure I do stay hydrated. I use this one because I can use it to shake up some protein powder after my workouts too!
5. I keep a makeup pouch in my backpack too; it keeps not just my deodorant, face wipes (these are great without stripping natural oils), and body spray but, it also keeps a few items that allows me to freshen myself up. Including this powder, concealer, lipstick, highlighter and mascara. Along with some extra hair elastics and bobby pins in case I loose any, that of which happens way too often
6. Headphones are really important, especially when I need an extra pump of energy to get me through an extremely hard workout

*I usually also always carry some snacks, usually protein heavy for an after workout pick me up


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