Summer To-Do List

Summer to-do list

Every time June rolls around, I start to get super excited that summer is just around the corner. Although this past weekend has been on the…colder side…and rainier side…to say the least, I can’t help but think about those perfect summer days to start some new adventures. Here is my ever so wishful list of fun things I’d like to accomplish this season:

1. Master a go-to summer salad for summer BBQs
2. Try Korean BBQ
3. Make a trip to my boyfriend and I’s favourite ice cream spot at least once (maybe more)
4. Shuck oysters
5. Host a smores + campfire night with my girlfriends
6. Bike all trails in the city
7. Keep the ritual of watching fireworks in Ottawa for Canada Day
8. Make a spontaneous trip to some place I’ve never been, even if just a new cafe
9. Attempt to cook a meal once a week for my family
10. Try to bring back yoga into my daily routine, even if just a pose a day

If interested, here’s last years to-do list!


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