What I’ve learned in my 20s: Honesty

honestyToday we’re going to do something a little different than usual with this post. This is something everyone probably deals with on a regular basis, and it’s about being honest – with yourself, and others. It’s just so easy to say, and we’ve probably had it engrained into our brains by all of our peers since the day we could probably talk  – just be honest. Whether it was when we spilled the entire bottle of nail polish on the white kitchen floor, or we stole the cookie from our brother, or we got the same sweater as our best friend. Whatever it was we’ve questioned whether being honest was in fact the best policy to abide by. Sure it has always been easier to tell a white lie, make our lives a little easier – but what happens when our lies catch up to us? When we can’t remember the last lie we said?

Believe me when I say that I’ve learned this the hard way. I had never thought that a white lie could do any harm to anyone. These lies were nothing extravagant, but they served their purpose and helped me get out of some super sticky situations. But they always seemed to come back and haunt me, in an attempt to not hurt anyone’s feelings, to make myself seem more popular, or to even make myself feel better when I couldn’t go to the semi-formal.

I’ve learned since hitting my 20s that just being honest is really always the best policy – no one was lying. Who cares if I truly am devoted to almond milk, or what kind of milk I order in my coffee at Starbucks? Who cares if I got a handbag on sale or full-price? No one. Rather, being honest is liberating, and really allows me to be exactly who I want to be; have friends that like me for who I truly am and not the fake me I think they want to hang out with.

Of course it’s a continuous struggle to really be confident enough in yourself that you don’t have to continuously worry about what your friends are thinking – or even your peers. But you just have to trust yourself, and know that who you are is better…way better than the façade you put up everyday – you want to be authentic, your own person, original. So be you. Don’t lie your way through life.


One Reply to “What I’ve learned in my 20s: Honesty”

  1. Very good post! I agree, having everything out on the table gives you a kind of a freedom…even those little lies can stick with you like you mentioned in your post.
    Thanks for sharing, it’s always good to be reminded!

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