My Fitness Wishlist

fitnesswishlist1As some of you know, if you’ve been following my instagram, or saw these posts here and here, you know I’ve been incorporating fitness into my daily routine. I joined a gym in May, and started going with a close friend of mine not just because she is in super awesome shape (making me hope I can accomplish that too) but because I needed that motivation to start. Now I’ve become a regular gym-goer, by hitting the gym at least three times a week. With that being said, there is no better motivation than new gym gear (I know that from personal experience – of course)!! So I thought I’d start a new series and share the top six items I have on my radar – and if anyone has any recommendations feel free to comment down below!

1. I’ve been told countless times that a foam roller is basically necessary to stretch out muscles that have just been worked out or are feeling tense, plus this one has an awesome pattern would make me look pretty tough

2. I currently use a fitbit, and although it’s been great thus far, I want something that can do more. This watch tracks calories burned, heart rate, tracks activity, and the list goes on. It’s definitely an affordable option I have in mind.

3. When I go to the gym alone, I like to listen to music to pump me up. Carrying around my phone is a bit tricky, especially when trying to find where to keep it without it bothering me. An ipod shuffle seems like the best solution. It clips to anything and is so small it would never get in my way

4. I have developed some calluses over the past couple months as I lift weights. And although they don’t bother me, the weights can hurt my hands at times. That’s why these are definitely on my list, to give my hands some protection!

5. Sometimes I’m just lazy to go to the gym, but that doesn’t stop me from doing a small at-home workout. But there are times that I feel like I’m just not getting the same results. These ankle weights seem like they would help with some resistance offering a challenge to those workouts

6. I love Nike running shoes. I’ve had my current ones for at least three years and think it’s time to start looking for a new pair. These have been recommended to me countless times, and I love all the colour options (makes me want more than one pair)!


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