City Tourist

{American Eagle knit (old, similar here and here), Gap jean jacket, Forever 21 shorts (old, similar here), Old Navy sandals, Danier handbag (old, similar here), Aritzia scarf (on sale here)}

There is something so amazing about going to a city you know and finding a new part of town you have yet to visit. Everytime I visit Toronto I somehow find another part of it that is still so new to me, it’s like the city never ends. Over the holiday I took a spontaneous trip to the Distillery in Toronto with a friend. We were able to catch up, give each other some much needed advice, eat some great food, drink amazing coffee and just relax – having nothing else to do for the evening. It’s a fantastic feeling just to leave your own city and be a tourist in some not so familiar surroundings. Also, can we take a minute and just look at that scarf – as a professional student, my budget runs somewhat low, which means Aritzia is usually out of the question, but it was such a great steal when I found it on sale and with a chillier evening it was the perfect solution!

citytourist1 citytourist3 citytourist4 citytourist5 citytourist6 citytourist7 citytourist8 citytourist9 citytourist10 citytourist11 citytourist12 citytourist13 citytourist14 citytourist15 citytourist16 IMG_0146 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0153


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