It Will All be Okay

It's all going to be okayWhen I finished my undergraduate degree this past spring, I felt like a deer in headlights, not knowing what to do – what direction I should take. And although I knew I’d be continuing with my education in the fall I was still confused about what I should do. But a few weeks ago I came across this article that really put things into perspective for me. I know plenty of people that are rushing to define themselves, the relationship they are in, their future and work status. And I felt like I was falling into that routine, which was something I didn’t necessarily want. It was just taking over my thoughts, and I was no longer enjoying my alone time or time with my friends and family. Rather, I was constantly worrying, and thinking what I should do next to get myself ahead. After reading the article, I started to slow down. I finally realized that there are a lot of things I can’t change in my life, and that unpredictability in my life will not put me behind the game by any means, rather it will help me enjoy life to the fullest. I’ll be honest, I sometimes still struggle and question where my life is going, what I will be doing 10 years from now. But, I can say that it is not a constant question in my thoughts, I can breathe, relax and enjoy; because isn’t that really what we should really aim to have in our lives?
Like the article mentions; “Your life will go in the direction it is supposed to. Trust that you will be taken care of, and don’t overthink the things you can’t control.” Our relationships, work status, and overall future will fall into place, so take your time. Understand yourself, and what you want in life, and it will fall into place. Don’t rush through life, but understand that good things happen to those that are patient, so let’s be calm, and remember that we are a generation that has accomplished so much, and that it will not stop by relaxing and taking a breath once in awhile.


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