February Favourites

blogphotoI think everyone probably says this regularly, but I can’t believe February has passed us already. It’s absolutely crazy how quickly time is going by. On the plus side though, I’ve had the time to try out some new products and have found some products that are now some absolute favourites.

Although I only got this product about two weeks ago, I’ve already noticed the changes it has made on my skin when using it every night. Not only is it nourishing with the essential oils it uses, the scent is therapeutic, and it has really changed the appearance of my skin and in the morning it looks plump, hydrated and flawless.

My Clarisonic, although not new is still absolutely necessary in my everyday skincare routine. I’ve had it for about two years and sometimes I take breaks from it, to try something new, but always seem to come back to it, not finding anything I really like better. I mentioned it here, and although it’s been two years, and my night time routine has changed drastically, I think it shows how much I love this handy gadget.

I love having a blush that works with any look I want to try. That is why this NARS blush has quickly become a favourite. It works with any makeup look I’m doing, whether it is a night out, or just a minimalist look. It is a subtle brown seashell pink with a hint of peach flecks. It is gorgeous and works with any skin tone, which makes it perfect.

I’ve been having a lot of skincare favourites lately. Because another favourite of the month is this Juice Beauty toner. Last year I tried this toner and realized that I love a toner with rosewater in it, so when I found this one, I knew I needed to give it a try! It is so refreshing, hydrating, and the scent is so therapeutic with pure essential oils of ylang ylang and rosehip.



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