Summer To-Do List


I’m someone who loves to have lists. Whether it be things I need, things I need to do, things I want to do…..I think you get the picture. Whatever it may be I have those lists everywhere, and every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish throughout the summer, and for the most part, I accomplish most of my goals that summer. So, to keep that tradition going, here are the few things I’d like to do this summer.

1. Play tourist in my own city, there are so many things I still haven’t done or seen around my own hometown

2. Bake a traditional strawberry rhubarb pie

3. Go see a Jay’s game

4. Read the books/novels I keep telling myself I will read eventually

5. Go see a play

6. Have a picnic

7. Experience all the cafés in my hometown at least once

8. Visit the beach at least once, because it’s harder than you would think

9. Remember to cherish the little moments

10. Live a balanced lifestyle, eat clean, workout, but to also enjoy life

*Make sure to visit 2015 and 2014 summer to-do lists to get more inspiration

And please, let me know what is on your summer to-do list!


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