May Favourites

20160609_183322(1)This past month has been so hectic I really haven’t had the time to try out new products or even focus on myself and pamper myself in order to relax. Because of this, I have really focused on using products that are quick, multi-purpose and efficient.

20160609_183753~2To start, you need to know that I’m a dedicated coffee drinker. But a friend from school drinks this tea, almost everyday, and decided I that I needed to give it a try. It’s a detox green tea from David’s Tea and it’s delicious. I have a hard time liking green tea, but this one doesn’t have an overly strong flavour. Starting my day with this tea, before anything else really helps to start up my metabolism, while helping with my caffeine fix.

20160609_184150~2Liquid lipsticks have become essential when I’m in a rush, with little time to make sure my makeup stays in place all day throughout work or any errands. This nude MAC liquid lipstick is my go-to. Not only can I basically pair it with any makeup look I choose, but it’s subtle enough that I can wear it to work everyday, which makes it ideal for me!

20160609_184141~2Dry Shampoo, I only have loving words for it. I have naturally oily hair, and unless I want to wash it everyday, dry shampoo is my saviour. Because of my oily roots, I use Batiste, I find that it is strong enough to help prolong my hair washing, and also helps with volume, which I definitely struggle with, because there is a lot of weight on my roots, it’s basically amazing.

20160609_184102~2Because I’ve been so busy, I have had no time to spend quality time outside, in the beautiful sun. Because of that, my bronzer has become my best friend. I can fake the appearance of a natural beach bronze, without having been at the beach (unfortunately). This bronzer is fantastic on so many skin tones, it’s matte, which helps make it much more natural, and completely day appropriate.

20160609_184021~2This travel water bottle is adorable. It’s so much fun to carry around, and it really encourages me to drink more water, which has been super helpful, especially when I’m always on the go


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