Time Saving Tips

As a student, I feel like everyday I’m racing out the door, trying to get to school on time because I completely missed my alarm and woke up a half an hour later than I should have. After having read this post by one of my favourite bloggers, and having realized that this will forever be a continuous cycle for me, I had the idea of thinking up some of my own tips that help me get out of the house in time for that 8am lecture.

1. I always make sure that the majority of my bag is packed for the next day. What I mean by the majority is that my notepad, pens, and planner are in the bag I plan on using that day, but I still keep my ipad and phone out charging so that by morning I can just unplug and quickly stuff them in my bag as I run out the door.

2. I used to be a HUGE coffee fanatic. Now don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good cup of joe, but I’ve been trying to incorporate more teas into my diet. Not only are they better for me, but I’m not adding terrible processed sugars like that Starbucks PSL would have. For those early mornings I use a tea bag, boil water, and add them into my tea travel mug, and I’m ready to go. This tea even tastes like coffee and even has the caffeine I need –  which is perfect to help start my day in the morning.

20160319_1334313. There are two days a week when I have class at 8am. So you can only imagine how much of a struggle it is for me to get out of the house in time. For those early mornings I’ve been able to narrow down my beauty regimen to a five minute process, taking the minimal amount of time to make, using the most effective products to maximize that time. I start with a tinted moisturizer (which means I can skip the daily moisturizer, because I am oily after all, bonus!!), spot conceal, brush some powder on my t-zone, use a little bit of bronzer so that I don’t look like a zombie, finally I put on a bit of mascara. The secret is keep a lipgloss or lipstick in your backpack/bag so that you can quickly put that on as you wait for your bus, or wait at a stoplight (which you can change up at night).

4. Another way I like to save time in the morning is by making my lunch the night before. Now this may seem pretty basic, but believe me, there have been plenty of mornings where I have spent too much time making breakfast that there was no time for lunch, and I had to buy something at my school. Now I know it’s not the end of the world, but it can get a bit tricky to find healthy alternatives at school. So I completely avoid that struggle by making my lunch the night before, whether it’s a salad or a couple snacks, I’m prepared and even saving some extra money.

5. This may seem a bit basic but because I’m in school, and have a part time job, I don’t really have a lot of time to casually read. But, I’m still obsessed with reading whenever I get the chance. I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPad, and that with the books app, and some downloaded books I’m able to enjoy my daily bus commute to school. I also feel like I’m accomplishing things I couldn’t regularly do with my busy schedule, in a way it’s time to myself.


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