Letting Go

The concept of letting go has never been easy for me, in every aspect of the concept. I keep clothes I’ve had for years yet have only wore once or twice, and I keep momentos of every small event. When I do in fact realize that I have to let something go, sometimes someone, it isn’t easy – and I don’t say that lightheartedly. Something you should know about me, my friends mean the world to me. I have had the same best friends since the first year of high school and we have stuck by each other’s side since. No matter what has come between us – and believe me, we have definitely had our fights, we have gotten through them, some easier than others. But I wouldn’t change any of them for the world.

Change has always scared me, I like having a routine, I like having lists, and plans – without them I would most likely self-combust. This past year I made a promise to myself. I was going to take more risks, make less plans, and see what I could accomplish. And I did do that, although I have to admit I still have a planner so that my brain doesn’t get overly confused, but throughout the self-discovery I realized that I needed to let go, specifically of a friend.

And although it was difficult to accept, it’s something I knew I needed to do. And I think that’s something important to understand, you don’t need to stay friends with someone because you have a history with them. You can a have history with someone, yet still go separate ways if you’ve grown apart or just don’t make sense anymore. That happens, and it’s no one’s fault, you just need to accept the inevitable, and go with the flow, the best that you can.

But change is good, it keeps you on your toes, and you just need to trust that the change is good, that something good can come out of it, and if nothing else, just know that you will feel lighter and happier. Because in the end, your happiness is what matters most – so make yourself happy, and ignore the people who bring you down, because they won’t be your true friends, but that’s okay – you will be okay, trust me.


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