Positive Changes

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Where do I begin?

I guess I should start where it all began, which in reality is kind of hard to establish. For most of my life I can’t remember not experiencing stomach pain when I finished eating a meal, or a snack. Now it didn’t happen every time I ate, but when it did, it was this piercing pain that would have me doubled over in pain, bloated and very uncomfortable, the only thing giving me relief was peppermint tea, which helped with muscle relaxation, reduction of pain and inflammation.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, I should go see someone about this, well I did, and I was told that I had IBS (otherwise known as irritable bowel syndrome). Now, this is something that has been known to negatively impact quality of life (which I was not going to let happen). The crazy thing is – the causes of IBS are unknown – which makes it that much more difficult to understand.

When I was told my diagnosis, I felt like I was caught between a rock and a hard place, I didn’t know what I could eat and what I couldn’t without wondering if it was going to trigger the pain. Recently, after having lived with IBS and just accepting what I had, I did some research, and looked into a low FODMAP diet. Surprisingly, there were a lot of restrictions that I didn’t know about – and that is when I decided to try a vegan and gluten-free diet.

It’s something I have been trying for about 3 months, and I can’t say it is easy by any means, but I’ve noticed that I feel better – no more stomach pains. I feel full regularly, and I cook for myself – which I didn’t do before, and I’m proud of myself. 

Now, as I go through this journey, I want to bring you guys with me, I will be posting What I Eat in a Day, recipes that I have tried and loved, and updating you all where I am in my journey in order to keep me accountable.

If any of you have struggled with a similar experience, or have any great vegan recipes, comment below!!


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