Tips on How I De-Stress

Very few people can argue that being a student is probably one of the most stressful times of a person’s life. You balance a job, lectures, school workload, and still try to maintain a semi-functional personal life. I can tell you, that it isn’t easy, and I am regularly stressing out, meanwhile, trying to keep myself afloat with everything I have to do. And because of this, I have found a couple tricks that help me calm down, and move on with the rest of my day.

1. Make a list

Whenever I feel particularly stressed out with what I need to get done that day, I make a list. By doing this, I’m able to see what still needs to be done, and prioritize what I should tackle first. Plus, most times I make that list, I notice that it’s not as big as I first imagined it to be.

2. Meditate

When I’m feeling stressed, sometimes the best thing for me is to do is sit for 10 minutes and just meditate. I use the app Guided Mind, and it really helps me focus my mind, so I’m not thinking about a million things at once and I can just focus on myself, and my breathing.

3. Essential Oils

I personally love Saje and their essential oils, and my go-to is their Stress Release blend. With lavender, chamomile, and orange, I put a couple drops in my diffuser and feel much more relaxed within minutes. I keep my diffuser on my desk, which is the place I regularly feel most stressed.

4. Face Mask

Believe it or not, but putting a face mask on really helps to de-stress. At the end of the night, before bed, if I’m still feeling stressed out, I pull out my Fresh Rose Face Mask and just unwind for 10 minutes. By the time I wash it off, I feel calm, and relaxed, ready for bed.


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