10 Best Coffee Table Books

I have to be completely honest…I don’t own my own coffee table (a problem that comes with living at home). But although I’m coffee table-less I am completely in love with the perfect books that belong on one. I’ve slowly been acquiring my own collection, for my future coffee table of course. But the things you keep on your coffee table say a lot abut who you are and what you love.

I think it’s important that your coffee table books reflect your taste and personality, especially since they are on display in your home. Without further ado, start the slideshow below to see 10 coffee table books I am loving at the moment:

American Beauty

Find: Amazon

1. Although I’m completely Canadian, this book is still great because it features over 100 portraits of quintessentially American women. Think Lilly Aldridge, Jenna Lyons and Solange Knowles, to name a few.


Find: Anthropologie

2. This book of decorating goes beyond a wonderful collection of inspiring rooms…it includes how-to advice and insider’s secrets that together crack the code to creating a beautiful home for anyone’s personal style.


Find: Shopbop

3. This Christian Louboutin has recently climbed to the top of my list. Take a peek into the life of this iconic shoe designer with these 300+ pages of photography, inspiration and even pop-up art (you’ll want to buy a pair of shoes ASAP).


Find: Amazon

4. Decorate contains over 1,000 tips from décor experts including Kelly Wearstler, Amy Butler, and Jonathon Adler. It will help you find a décor solution for every room in your house and for every kind of budget. It’s the perfect aid to any problem.


Find: Shopbop

5. This book is a collection of dazzling photographs and famous moments from America’s longest running fashion magazine, this book comes with over 300 photographs and inspiration to last a lifetime.

The Big Book of Chic

Find: Anthropologie

6. The Big Book of Chic is amazing. It’s filled with interior designer Miles Redd’s diverse selection of unique interiors and eclectic décor – amazing photographs.

Vogue Living

Find: Amazon

7. I recently saw this book at Chaptes and I found myself lost within the pages for nearly an hour. As you can probably guess, within the pages of this book are homes of some of the most influential figures from the worlds of fashion, music, art and society. This is an essential book.

The Hand Written Letter

Find: The Hand Written Letter Project

8. The Handwritten Letter Project began as a conversation about how personal a letter can be and ended up as an invitation to designers and creative thinkers alike to write their thoughts in handwritten form on their own stationery. This amazing book now offers a glimpse into some of the most creative minds of our time.

Vintage Cocktails

Find: Anthropologie

9. Speaking of happy hour…this coffee table treasure will make your basic cranberry vodka or whiskey sour look like child’s play. Feast your eyes upon alcohol in its most artistic form. The photography is beautiful and you’ll even probably get a buzz from just looking at these recipes.

The Trench Book

Find: Net – A – Porter

10. This book focuses solely on a style staple: the trench coat. Take a journey though the ever evolving life of the trench coat in this inspired collection of photography and portraits.

With permission these coffee table books were taken from the Lauren Conrad site.



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